2018-2021 PAHC Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer
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Chambi Chachage (PhD) is the 2018-2021 Princeton African Humanities Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer.

He holds a BSocSci in Psychological Studies/BA (Hons) in African Studies, MSc in African Studies, AM in History/PhD in African Studies from the University of Cape Town (UCT), the University of Edinburgh, and Harvard University, respectively. His doctoral dissertation on A Capitalizing City: Dar es Salaam and the Emergence of an African Entrepreneurial Elite (c. 1862-2015) is publicly available at https://dash.harvard.edu/handle/1/39947205. He is also in the final stages of completing a book manuscript entitled Africanizing Capital: Emergence of Black Entrepreneurs in Eastern Africa that is currently under review for publication. His co-edited book, together with Annar Cassam, on Africa’s Liberation: The Legacy of Nyerere, Pambazuka Press (2010), continues to be widely circulated and cited and has received generous reviews.

Dr. Chachage has also authored the following chapters: ‘Nyerere as a Global Conscience’, in Dorothy L. Hodgson & Judith A. Byfield’s (eds.) Global Africa: Into the Twenty-First Century, University of California Press (2017); ‘Globalization and the Making of East Africa’s Asian Entrepreneurship Networks’, in Moses E. Ochonu’s (ed.) Entrepreneurship in Africa: A Historical Approach, Indiana University Press (2018). He has also co-authored the following chapters: Chachage, Chambi & Mgumia, Jacqueline. Unlocking Dar es Salaam as the Heartbeat of Tanzania, in Noëleen Murray & Jonathan Cane, (eds.), Creative Cities in Africa: Critical Architecture and Urbanism. HSRC Press (forthcoming); Chachage, Chambi & Mgumia, Jacqueline. Precarious Partnerships: Tanzanian Entrepreneurs of Asian and African Descent, in Kenneth King & Meera Venkatachalam (eds.), India’s Aid and Soft Power in Africa. James Currey (forthcoming).

His article with Jacqueline Mgumia on ‘Engendering Empowerment: The Political Life and Times of Bibi Titi Mohamed’ is forthcoming in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia on African Women’s History and an online version on Bibi Titi Mohamed is available at https://oxfordre.com/africanhistory/view/10.1093/acrefore/9780190277734.001.0001/acrefore-9780190277734-e-473. Other articles have appeared on the Council for the Development of Social Science Research (CODESRIA) BulletinAfrican Sociological ReviewPambazuka NewsDevelopmentAfrica at LSE, Africa is a Country,  Corona Times, The Elephant, and African Arguments. He is also an editorial member of the Journal of Tanzanian Arts, Media and Cultures (Sanaa Journal), international advisory  board member of Strategic Review for Southern Africa, history editor of The Africa I Know, and contributing editor of the Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE). Apart from blogging at ‘Udadisi: Rethinking in Action’ and ‘Africa Blogging‘, he regularly tweets @Udadisi.

At Princeton University, Dr. Chachage teaches courses on Critical African Studies and Health, Race, and Power in Africa in the Digital Age.